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battler or the Cwazy Wabbit? Amazingly, the winner by a knockout is Popeye! Spinach before carrots? How can that be? Didn't our moms tell us to eat our peas because they're suitable for our eyes? Yes they did. But they also told us that if we keep crossing our perspective, one day they're going to get stuck that way. We love our moms, but maybe they're not the most reliable source of data when it comes to perspective. Nope, the consensus is in from nutrition and viewpoint experts: vedda blood sugar the nutrients in organic green spinach are actually better for the of your perspective than the ones in peas. Let's look, with both perspective open, at some facts surrounding nutrition and viewpoint. These facts come courtesy of the Age-Related Eye Illness Research (AREDS) and its follow-up, AREDS2, both conducted by the National Eye Institute (NEI), which is a component of the United States' National Institutes of Health and fitness (NIH). Keep track of those acronyms. There will be a assess later. Not. Results from AREDS, begun in 1992, were published in 2001. Is due to AREDS2 begun in 2006, were published this season. Each study examined the two most favored kinds of eye illness, age-related macular harm (AMD) and cataracts. What are those, exactly? Let's move on with macular harm. The macula is a component of the eye's retina, which provides the same function to the film in a digicam. We should probably explain that before there were cameras there was this thing known as film. Google it. Just like a digicam get in touch with lens, the eye's get in touch with lens receives a image. Picture is handed down to the retina, like the way a image taken by a digicam get in touch with lens used to be handed down to the film in you. The macula is in the center of the retina. When light comes to some extent of focus on the center of the macula, you can see objects and colors sharply. The macula is yellow, which enables it to absorb harmful blue and ultraviolet light that enters the eye, blocking this harmful light like a pair of sunglasses. AMD comes two ways: dry and wet. Dry is when the cells of the macula deteriorates. Wet is worse. That's when the blood vessels vessels behind the retina flow blood vessels veins and other fluid into the macula. AMD is the top cause of loss of perspective in the U.S. of quickly 60, according to research conducted under the auspices of Johns Hopkins Medication. Some estimates put the quantity of individuals as much as 15 million. However, many of everyone is only mildly impacted or won't experience a reduce in viewpoint at all. But about 2 million Individuals who have AMD are severely impacted, concise of acute viewpoint reduce. What is better for your perspective, peas or organic green spinach, aspect two Now let's examine cataracts. Cataracts kind when the eye's get in touch with lens becomes depressing, causing in unclear viewpoint and viewpoint reduce. Cataracts occur because the get in touch with lens of the eye is made up mostly of water and protein. As we age, the protein begins to clump together, developing the depressing effect on the get in touch with lens. Most cataracts are

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