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need with Germany be doing

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need with Germany be doing

Postby jlsalh21 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:37 am

pects to rebuild navy, so they sooner or later will understand your with patience."
Yang Qiu understands Allen Craig Youth Jersey his meaning and asks a way:"Go to a beautiful English and receive forecastle water soldier how?"
Speak of three training cruisers that will soon consign, the bushy beard facial expression liked a lot of:"The water soldier set out in July, last year, is all person whom I choose in person, three temporary warships are long to also choose the young man that studies abroad in England, is carrying on training over there now, at the soonest this May three warships can come back."Wang Guang Andrew Benintendi Youth Jersey Xiong says to rub hand desire here speech again, several 10-year-old persons suddenly think that begging for to want candy but again doesn't dare to talk of kid, let people hold the belly, Yang Qiu smiled after staring one eye:"Have what say, don't make for me strange."
"Commander, the merit and Jians always always almost entered water Mao to pack, ship set's getting empty was also getting empty and want to be not."What Wang Guang Xiong flattered says with smile:"Everyone to you support navy's returning you to build warship is to admire very much, you see of whether reconstruct ten 8s?"
"Can not see clearly, Babe Ruth Youth Jersey you pour is really dare to think!"Yang Qiu clapped to clap clothes up float to fall of ash from stove, white his eye:"How much do you know to always spin 1 to want?Changing into our people's dollar of southwest issue is 1,300,000, steel material also all is import discard a heavy chain of steel since then, in addition to all of others outside the big gun are public standards how many people's ships do you want ten?"
King only the male Nao Nao head, in fact he also knows that two destroyers exist a very great problem.Although Chiang-Nan factory carried on a big reformation and theoretically waited until after reforming complete can construct ten thousand ton class shipses for all of 14 years, because the United States has already promised sell three type ships tool machines in Taichung to Chiang-Nan and Hubei, from provide of model number and size see, building of the for use by the military warship biggest ship can 2,000 tons are or so.Because warship and people's ship are completely two code matters, people's ship can be like to take wooden blocks get up with a piece of piece of construction of rivet, but forecastle main beam of boat because needing Bill Lee Youth Jersey larger strength and tenacity has to model at a time, but Chiang-Nan and Hubei all only have a small scaled hot processing stoves currently, this kind of small cooker is been used to construct a people ship main beam of boat and small piece special kind the steel still go, real of warship with the model number need to be used frequently ascend 100 meters even several hundred meters of super large hot processing stove, the this kind of thing Euro-American root can't sell!Japan and England form alliance, the day Russia war more paid ten several prices of ten thousand deaths just buy to a set England eliminates of 150 meters grow super large ships tool machine and one suit A steel heat processing and Cui stove, this than Europe differed the model numbers of livelong generation be all seen for the country a treasure by Japan, so Chiang-Nan factory even if the completion reforms, also can construct 2,000 tons have no armor warship.
In brief say be 2,000 ton the kinds of goods of the common steel plate, and the words that Japanese navy square off are absolutely one cannon dead.This kind of thing trains to go with technique storage still, going fetch to fight can

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